Maranda Carvell RHN Presents...

"How to Generate the Income You Desire in Your Nutrition or Wellness Business"

Learn 5 Different Ways to Earn Money in Your Nutrition Business (and why should be using all of them)

  • Are you earning less than a full time income from your Nutrition or Wellness business?
  • Are you spending hours on unpaid work creating personalized protocols and plans for clients?
  • Do you feel your income is limited to the number of hours you can bill for?
  • Or are you a new grad who doesn't know where to begin with programs and service offerings?

Learn to diversify your income and earn money 5 different ways in your holistic health practice.

In this live webinar. I'm going to show you...

  • How to move beyond the outdated 1:1 business model taught in school, which will leave you burnt out and still not generating the income you desire.
  • What programs and services you need to help more clients in less time.
  • How to leverage the internet to reach more people and earn more, whether you have a traditional practice, an online business, or both.

Hosted by:  Maranda Carvell RHN

Registered Nutritionist and Business Mentor

Propel Wellness

Maranda Carvell RHN

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