5 Ways To Find Clients Online

Growing your business is probably one of your biggest priorities as a Nutritionist or Health Coach.

One of the most popular questions I get is: Where can I get more clients?

If you’re feeling lost about growing your business online, then this post is for you!

Grow Your Nutrition Business: 5 Ways To Find Clients Online

[1] Have a free offering or opt-in

Having a free gift – sometimes called an opt-in or a lead magnet – that ties into your signature program or niche is a great way to build your email list. This should be a really valuable piece of content, such as an ebooklet, strategy guide, meal plan or small recipe book. This is your potential client’s first impression of your business, so make it good! Don’t be afraid of giving away information; this is how you will establish yourself as an expert in your field and people need more help than you can give them with a PDF (no matter how great it is).

[2] Follow That Up With a Killer Email Sequence

This is sometimes called a sales funnel, or autoresponder sequence, but quite simply it’s a series of emails automatically sent out after people opt-in to your email list to get your free gift. This is part of building a relationship with a potential client, and these emails should offer valuable information to help solve your potential client’s biggest problems. Offer some practical tips and information that they can put into place right away to get results. This helps establish you as the expert in your field and demonstrates your subject matter knowledge. Most people will need way more help and coaching than what you can offer in a few emails, so don’t worry about giving away too much for free. Your follow up sequence is an opportunity to create a connection and build a relationship; you might want to include a personal story that relates to your niche, and ask a few questions about their experience and needs. Include links back to your site, and to any other free offers you have. Encourage communication by inviting people to click reply and get back to you. After 4-8 emails, invite them to work with you through your signature program or offering.

[3] Promote Your Free Gift

Once you’ve set up your free gift or opt-in and crafted some amazing follow up emails, you need to promote it! Do this regularly, via social media, print materials and advertising.  Link to it in blog posts. Link to it in your bio if you guest blog on another site. Mention it on any podcasts you’re on. Run Facebook ads to your opt-in. Promote, promote, promote!

[4] Start A Facebook Group

A private Facebook group (this is different from your Facebook page) is a powerful way to connect with people who want what you have to offer. A closed Facebook group offers privacy for sharing info and posting questions, and is more of a two way conversation between you and your audience.  This builds valuable relationships, and allows potential clients to really get to know you. For some free training on how and why to set up a Facebook group, join my private FB community just for Nutritionists and Health Coaches.

[5] Cross Promote With Businesses Who Have A Similar Market

This will vary depending on your niche, but could be a daycare, a women’s clothing store, a health food store, a personal trainer, a meals-to-go service or even another Health Coach or Nutritionist with different offerings. Guest talks, promoting to each other’s email lists, live Q&A chats in Facebook groups or pages, co-hosting a webinar and collaborating on a promo or service package are all great ways to grow your audience.

It does take time and effort, but with solid strategies your business will continue to grow. Need help getting started?  Contact me today for free discovery session about how we can work together to grow your biz.

Maranda Carvell

Maranda Carvell RHN is a Nutritionist and Wellness Business Coach with a passion for helping Nutrition professionals reach their full potential.

As a Business Coach, she brings a background in sales and service management, corporate training and learning skills development, paired with a passion for elevating the wellness industry.