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Build A Thriving and Profitable Health and Wellness Business with Essential Oils

Learn how to incorporate doTERRA products into your existing Wellness business, or use it as a spring board to launch your biz!

Jennifer Rimes CHNH Cory Rimes PTS 

Maranda Carvell RHN

 Lean How to Build A Thriving and Profitable Health and Wellness Business 

  • Stop Trading Hours For Dollars: Learn to create multiple streams of income, for unlimited income potential and time freedom 
  • Easy Entry Point for Clients: Getting clients making small lifestyle changes opens the door to bigger and more comprehensive protocols and training program.
  • Go Online: Learn how to leverage the internet to reach more people and earn more, whether you have a traditional practice, an online business, or both.
  • Grow And Expand Your Network : Meeting new people through teaching classes can feed your existing wellness business, and vice versa!
  • Create a Business with Heart and Integrity : Align with the #1 essential oil company in the world; one that provides not only the highest quality products, but also integrity and commitment to global change.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems in your business, then this training is for you.