How To Grow Your Facebook Group

Facebook groups are amazingly powerful tool for building community and having people really get to know you as an expert in your particular field or niche. They are simple to set up, free and allow you to have more of a two-way conversation with your audience vs a Facebook page.

It does take some work at the beginning to get going (it’s ok if you feel like you’re talking to yourself at first!) but in time it will start to flow. You just need enough people to get the conversation going… before you know it, your group will be talking without you.

So how do you get people to join your Facebook group? With some time, consistency and these tips, your group will grow. And remember, it’s all about attracting quality members, it’s not about how big your group it.

Here are 15 ways to grow your Facebook group

  • Use keywords in your group name, so people know what it is about they see it
  • Email your list, and include a link every time to do an email
  • Invite a few friends who might be interested in what you do, and who will like and comment on your posts
  • Invite people personally to your group in conversation, by email or by private FB message. Don’t just add people without their permission though.
  • PM people who like your Facebook posts and invite them to join
  • Share your free group in other Facebook groups where your ideal client hangs out
  • Add an invitation to your group to this first email in your sales funnel
  • Include a call to action to join your Facebook group at the end of your popular blog posts
  • Run a free challenge and host it in your group
  • Offer some exclusive content, like a recipe or tip sheet, and post about it on your FB page
  • Include a link to your free Facebook group on your website’s main navigation and sidebar
  • Buy a domain for your group and add it to your print materials, marketing, or anywhere you add your website address.
  • Run Facebook ads promoting your group
  • Add your group to your bio, especially when guest posting on a blog or guesting on a podcast
  • Show up consistently, post often and respond to comments. You need to drive the conversation and show up for your audience.

If you don’t have a Facebook group yet and want to learn more about leveraging the power of a group, I have a training on Getting Started With Facebook Groups that will take you through everything you need to know. These are unedited rebroadcasts of a live training I did for my own Facebook group, and there is over an hour and a half of video training plus a great checklist to help get you started. Check it out here!


Maranda Carvell

Maranda Carvell RHN is a Nutritionist and Wellness Business Coach with a passion for helping Nutrition professionals reach their full potential.

As a Business Coach, she brings a background in sales and service management, corporate training and learning skills development, paired with a passion for elevating the wellness industry.