Love your body, love your life.

Nutritionist + Women's Hormone Expert

I teach ambitious women who want to finally lose the stubborn extra weight, and get off the diet roller coaster so they can live life in a body they love on their own terms - no counting almonds required.


Hi, I’m Maranda Carvell

I’m a mother of four, Registered Nutritionist and Women’s Hormone Expert, and founder of The 3P Weight Loss System.

When I was struggling to lose weight, I tried to use calorie counting and willpower to avoid the foods I thought were bad for me. I weighed and measured everything; it was so hard, and worst of all, it didn’t give me the results I wanted. I thought it was “just me” and that I need to try harder, eat less, move more, and just push through.

The truth is, weight loss is a hormonal function that doesn’t depend on “calories in, calories out” as much as you might think, and that for women in their thirties through fifties in particular, hormones are the underlying unaddressed factor in stubborn weight loss I see over and over again in my practice.

Healthy weight loss is not a quick fix, or a short term diet. It’s a lifestyle change that will effect not only your weight, but your overall health and emotional wellbeing. Work with me and you’ll get professional knowledge and recommendations, focused accountability and support, on how to eat for weight loss in a way that is specific to supporting your hormones as a woman, that you can continue after your program has ended.



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