Hey! I'm Maranda. Welcome!

I’m Maranda Carvell and I’m a Registered Nutritionist, Women's Hormone Expert, and a successful female practitioner who specializes in hormonally based weight loss. After years of clinical nutrition practice, running hundreds of women through my online weight loss program, and serving thousands of essential oils customers, I've taken all I've learned and applied it to the 3p Weight Loss System, my three phase weight loss protocol for women.

Fun Facts
When we work together, we get to know each other really well, so it's only fair you know what you're getting into!

Fun facts about the real me behind the biz:

  • I'm a Mother of four kids, currently 13-23. They are the reason for everything I do.
  • I spend a lot of my free time playing video games, and occasionally do reviews or guest spots on podcasts because it's something I enjoy.
  • I believe women - and Mothers in particular - are changing the face of health, business, and the future for our kids, and I'm privileged to play a small role in that.
  • Ally + advocate, and safe space for all

Professional + Media Bio

Maranda Carvell is a Nutritionist and Women's Hormone Expert, helping people create a healthy lifestyles they love, without diets or deprivation.

She helps busy women reclaim their energy and manage their weight with ease, through the 3P Weight Loss System and private lifestyle coaching. As a doTERRA high level leader, she educates on the power of essential oils, and supports customers around the world.

She is best known for her simple and practical approach to nutrition, has been published on MindBodyGreen, in REDBOOK Magazine and was named one of 2015’s Top Nutrition Blogs by the Institute For The Psychology of Eating.