The 6 Week Accelerator

An Online Group Program with Maranda Carvell RHN

A 6 week group program using the nutrition principles of The 3P Weight Loss System, at a more accelerated pace, that provides you with a roadmap to follow, accountability, and community support.

Maranda Carvell Nutritionist and Women's Weight Loss Expert

A Protocol Specific To Women's Weight Loss

Maranda Carvell Nutritionist and Women's Weight Loss

Women’s hormones are complex, and influence not just our reproductive health but also our weight. And as we enter our 30s and 40s, our hormones begin to shift, and this is when you'll really notice that the old strategies you used to squeeze back in to your favourite jeans that might have worked for you in the past, are not working anymore. In fact, they make things worse.

The truth is, the conventional approach to weight loss - eating less and exercising more - doesn’t work in the long run. What’s worse, this approach actually further disrupts your metabolism and hormones, leading to rebound weight gain, stubborn belly fat, not to mention fatigue, mood issues, sleep issues, and low libido.

That's why it's so important that your weight loss plan is specific to a woman's unique physiology, and supports hormone balance and metabolic flexibility.

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If you're so done with gaining and losing the same 10-20-30 pounds, struggling to eat less and move more with no lasting results, being tired and wired, and not feeling good about what you see in the mirror...

There's a better way. A way that doesn't require you to work harder, do more more, be more motivated. A way that works with your body, instead of against it.


The 3P Accelerator

A flexible methodology + accountability...

  • Learn how to balance your plate for effortless weight loss without counting, weighing, measuring, or complicated meal plans
  • No off limit foods or going hungry
  • No meal prep
  • A step by step protocol to follow, so you always know exactly what to do each week
  • Easy to understand learning lessons on protein, fat, carbohydrates, how much and when to eat, hydration for weight loss, snacks, cravings and more
  • Simple meal ideas and recipes
  • Accountability, support, and live coaching via our Facebook group and video calls

The 6 Week Accelerator is for the woman who...

  • Wants a proven clinical protocol to lose weight for good, optimize her hormones, restore metabolic flexibility, and support her health for the long term
  • Desires a qualified mentor who holds the mindset and expertise of true health, hormonal balance, and a healthy body weight that you can adapt and align to
  • Is ready to move forward with momentum, are motivated, and want a fast path to success
  • Wants community, collaboration, and support from a group setting

Unlike traditional weight loss programs, 3P programs don't require strict meal plans, limiting food groups, or complicated food rules. Instead, the real and lasting results come from mastering your hormones so that you can not only finally move the needle for good, but also feel confident, energized, and sexy no matter what the scale says.

I have supported hundreds of women through online group weight loss programs, and would love to support you too.

What's Included

This small format group coaching program is a limited opportunity in order to ensure every client is fully supported. The program is a 6 week weight loss kick start that includes weekly learning lessons with simple to implement actions, and access to coaching for your entire program.

Nutrition Principles

Weekly online video lessons and clear weekly goals to keep you moving forward. You'll always know exactly what to do each week.

Live Coaching

Weekly live group coaching calls with the option for 1:1 hot seat coaching for your own specific questions.

Community Group

A Facebook community group for support, celebrating success, and access to Maranda for questions so you’re never stuck and always clear on what to do next


Recipe books, food lists, guides, worksheets and other resources to help you put the 3P strategies in to place. These are yours to keep.

We're Covering

  • Learning how to eat in a way that supports your hormones and a healthy weight, without weighing, measuring, or running out of food.
  • How to eat the foods you want in a way that supports your metabolism, and lose weight without eating weird superfoods or making separate meals for the rest of the family.
  • How to hack your meal timing and portion sizes to best support effortless fat loss without hunger.
  • Learning lessons on protein, fat, carbohydrates, how much and when to eat, hydration for weight loss, snacks, cravings and more
  • Optional fat loss recommendations for accelerated results

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