5 Tips To Start Losing Weight Fast

Maranda Carvell RHN

Registered Nutritionist and Women's Hormone Expert

My Top 5 Tips To Start Losing Weight Fast (even over 40)

There's no such thing as a magic bullet for weight loss. Sure, you can cut your calories, go low carb, or start an intense exercise program– but if you've tried any of those quick fixes before, you know they don't work (or don't work for long). They impact your metabolism and hormone health. and can trigger rebound weight gain that leaves you back where you started... or even a few pounds heavier. The underlying hormone imbalances need to be addressed in order to lose weight and keep it off for good.

However, there are some solid weight loss strategies you can start to put in to place right now in order to start losing weight for good, without going hungry or damaging your metabolism in the long term.

As a former chronic dieter myself, I understand there is so much confusion when trying to decide what you “should” do to lose weight.

"Are carbs making me gain weight?⁣⁣"
"How much avocado is too much?⁣⁣"
"Does fruit have too much sugar?⁣⁣"

I’ve been there, and can honestly say that it’s can be overwhelming.⁣⁣

So before you head to google, let’s break down my top 5 tips to get you started on your weight loss journey.⁣⁣

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Aim for at least 20 grams at each meal. You don’t have to measure, aim for 2 palm sized servings of meat, 3-4 eggs, 1 cup of cottage cheese, or some combo. This will help keep you full and satisfied, support your lean muscle mass, and gives your metabolism a little bump as it digests it.⁣⁣


Start bumping up your veggie intake to add volume to your plate, and most importantly fibre which keeps you full and feeling satisfied, and supports blood sugar regulation. Adding in MORE of the right food gives your body more vitamins and minerals to do it’s job balancing your hormones, running your metabolism, and building a whole new you over and over again. Aim for at least 3 cups per meal (raw leafy green, count 3 cups as 1). Yes, even for breakfast.⁣⁣


Please stop avoiding fat. Fat not only doesn’t make you fat, it actually helps you BURN fat by supporting blood sugar regulation and healthy hormone balance. Your hormones are all made from nutritional building blocks that come from fat. Have 1 serving of fat you eat (chew and swallow, not a drizzle of olive oil in the pan) at each meal.⁣⁣


You probably know that you need more water, and it's honestly very important and most people don’t get enough of it. And it's not about "if you're hungry maybe you're really thirsty" or "drink water so you feel full". Water is critical for weight loss, and specifically for supporting your digestion and detoxification pathways. Have to pee all the time? You need more salt. Throw a pinch in your water bottle every time you fill it up, and put some on your food at each meal. Time your water away from meals so it doesn’t impact your digestion.⁣⁣


Sleep is essential for happy hormone balance that leads to effortless weight management. And not just because when we’re tired we turn in to a hangry mess and eat our feelings. Your hormones are all related, including your sleep hormones, and studies how that people who sleep less weigh more. You need 7.5 to 9 hours a night, non negotiable. Treat sleep like medicine, not a luxury.⁣⁣

Maranda Carvell Nutritionist and Women's Weight Loss

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